At Ray Bell Engineering, we manufacture superior quality medical gloves

Strict compliance and good manufacturing practices are our top priorities in making sure our customers are always satisfied.

Our gloves are well-established in the medical glove market and are reputable for their superior quality. The products are manufactured in strict compliance with ASTM specifications. We are now one of the manufacturers of disposable latex examination gloves since its inception in Malaysia in 1988. Our plant places emphasis on GMP (good manufacturing practices) in its entire manufacturing process, from the receiving of raw materials to the packaging of finished goods, to ensure consistent, high-quality products. We also specialize in customized packaging of procedural gloves throughout the years. Ray Bell Engineering’s reputation has been bolstered by a series of achievements such as certified ISO 9002 quality system since 1999, certified ISO 9001-2000 QMS. Ray Bell Engineering presently produces 100 million pieces of high-quality gloves per month, supported by highly efficient production lines.

We place customer satisfaction at the very heart of our business, and hence put a great deal of importance on research and development to ensure continual improvement in our product quality and production efficiency. While we aim for success, we do realize that success can be attained without disregarding the environment and the future. In essence, we believe in sustainable development and implore all to start moving towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

To us, it is not just about producing great gloves, but also about the impact of the products – how will they be beneficial to the world? We have also learned that innovation comes from mastering organizational and technical constraints as well as digging deeper into the core of the matter. We care for the world, and this drives us to march to our beat that will one day take a turn for the better, for everyone.

To stay ahead of the curve in product development, we collaborate closely with government agencies and ministries to keep us abreast of the latest development in rubber research technology. They have now made our goods undeniably trustworthy and acceptable throughout the world.